As a team of practising psychologists, Psylutions cut-e Australia prides itself for being at the forefront of the latest developments in organisational psychology and issues relevant to selection and development. As a result, we conduct our own research that investigates various topics that are highly pertinent to our clients, such as Gen Y attitudes towards work. Please see our research archives for information on previous research Psylutions cut-e Australia has conducted.

Psylutions cut-e Australia holds a number of forums and events during the year on pertinent topics relevant to selection and development. Feedback from our forums and events has indicated that they were interesting, interactive and a great opportunity to network with leaders in the HR industry. Attendees said that they came away with real insights and solutions that they were able to implement in their organisation.

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Graduate Webinar Series: Gamification: not just a "game"

Right now, Gamification is hot.

It is the newest innovation organisations are exploring to attract and engage grads.

As Gamification is so new, there is still much debate over

  • its role in the selection process – is it a tool just for attraction? What about graduate selection?
  • the validity of its assessment properties – what do games measure? How does this apply to the assessment of grads?
  • how to align games with an employer brand – how much innovation is enough?

But what is gamification really? Is it a new term for attraction and selection tools that already exist?

Join us for the Graduate Insights Series on Gamification: not just a “game” where we answer these questions. We will also explore how to use innovative and interactive Realistic Job Previews (RJP) and Situational Judgement Questionnaires (SJQ) to attract, engage and select the best fit graduates for your organisation.

In this webinar, John McLaughlin, our Commercial Director for Australia and Singapore, will look at:

  • what is gamification and how to introduce this innovation into your organisation;
  • the use of RJPs in your attraction process– that are validated, bespoke assessments tailored for your graduate program;
  • a case study from the Bank of Ireland who successfully used validated SJQs as part of their graduate selection process; and
  • next steps for Gamification, not just a ‘game’.

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cut-e Product Launch: It’s Hip to be Square!

Have you ever had to deal with an employee who has engaged in risky or unsafe behaviour on the job? Do you need to be able to trust your employees to work unsupervised? Do you need to minimise risk in your business? Is confidentiality critical to your organisation?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, ask yourself:

  • Does your organisation tend to "select in" based on traits that will help an employee be successful, or tend to "select out" based on what may cause ongoing problems?
  • How do you assess an employee's, or potential employee's, trustworthiness? How accurate is that assessment?

Research has shown that trustworthiness is one of the most important variables for social and economic interactions. We tend to judge someone’s trustworthiness based on their appearance, which is often highly inaccurate, and this inaccuracy can potentially lead to unsafe and risky counterproductive behaviours on the job (read our blog on this here).

View our launch of Squares, a new tool to test counterproductive behaviours, and find out:

  • What is Squares? What does it measure?
  • How is it different to other integrity or safety assessments in the market?
  • How can it be used?

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Psylutions cut-e Australia Research 2012 – Best Practice vs. In Practice Talent Management

In today's increasingly competitive workforce landscape, characterised by increasing labour costs and pressure to compete for talent locally and globally, most organisations are asking what is best practice in talent management? What practices will achieve the most ROI? What are other organisations doing? Psylutions and Curve Group partnered to investigate this through interviews with 30 leading organisations across the Asia Pacific region in a range of industries.

Please click here to download the summary of results.

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You can also view a recording of the webinar where we presented the key findings below.
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cut-e Assessment Barometer 2012/13 - Results out now

Register for your free copy of the 2012/13 cut-e Assessment Barometer available now. Data collected in 17 countries show the current trends and usage of psychometric assessment according to market maturity, company size and country. Register here.

Psylutions merges with cut-e

Psylutions recently announced that we have acquired a stake in global psychometric test provider cut-e. Click here for more details.


psylutions research

Webinar Nov 2013: Graduate Insights

Join us for an insightful look into the latest innovations in graduate recruitment and selection, all from the comfort of your own desk!

Interested? Email info@psylutions.com.au to register your interest.

psylutions aage

Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) Conference Sydney Oct 2013

Psylutions cut-e Australia is proud to be a Silver Sponsor at this year’s AAGE Conference. This annual conference brings together employers from around the nation to learn, develop and network together in an energetic and stimulating environment. Come and visit our stand in the exhibitor forum to find out about the latest developments in graduate selection.

psylutions smart use

The Smart use of online assessment 2013 – 3rd international cut-e network event Hamburg, Germany Sept 2013

Psylutions cut-e Australia is excited to be attending the 3rd International cut-e network event, and look forward to bringing back some new and innovative ways to help our clients select and develop the right people learning from our international colleagues and their clients.

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