Our Research Archives contains Psylutions cut-e Australia’s wealth of information and research on hot topics in Assessment, Development and Gen Y, as well as a number of case studies on key client projects we have managed.

Articles / PDFs


  • Psylutions Development Forum Presentation
  • Our Development Forum gave attendees the opportunity to learn about Talent Development in the post GFC world, and hear case studies from an expert panel on talent development. Specifically, we looked at: what is talent development? why use talent development strategies? how to develop talent?

  • Psylutions Psych Testing Presentation
  • Our Psych Testing Presentation gave attendees the opportunity to increase their understanding of psych testing and its use in the workplace, including: the benefits of using psych testing, how psych tests can be most effectively used in the selection and development process, the types of tests available and the limitations of psych tests.

  • SHL Breakfast Presentation – A case study on Assessment in QNI
  • Queensland Nickel were doubling their Yabulu Refinery and required 40-50 entry level trainee operators who had a strong cultural fit, potential for development and long term commitment to the business.

  • The Psychology of the Recruitment Process (2007)
  • Psychology and the recruitment process – What are the benefits of using psychology in the recruitment process? What are the limitations of psychology in recruitment?

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